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Mar. 1st, 2013

pretty cas

Hope to Haiti Trip

I have decided that I would like to attempt to be part of a volunteer trip, to help rebuilding efforts in Haiti. Three years ago, they were devastated by an earthquake, and work is still being done to rebuild the lives of the people there.

I've been searching for a while, researching different opportunities. It was always a huge goal of mine to become a doctor and participate in Doctors Without Borders. I'm obviously not a doctor, and not qualified to help with their cause. I wish that I could use my medical skills in some way, but this does not seem to be possible.

However, I am an able-bodied person, who can do things like help build homes for people. I found a group, that does that. Everything is exactly what I am looking for, and I have yet to find another cause that I feel as passionate about, and that fits all MY criteria for a trip I could feasibly make.

I would like to participate in the Hope to Haiti 2013 trip, and be part of a group of 24 people who finish construction on the orphanage/school that has been being build over the years.

Being unemployed has left me with lots of time, and I've been trying to spend it in positive ways. This is something that I may NOT have the chance to do when I am weighed down with a new career. I want to help people, and I have the free time to do so. I like to be busy and actively pursuing goals, and this is something that I've decided to do. There seems no better time than now. March 1st, and I'd like to start working towards a goal, that I think will not only help others but help myself grow as a person.

I know this is long and arduous, but if anyone reads this, please keep reading!

To participate in this, is no simple task. It isn't "sign up and go". There are limited spots available, so like all things in have to work for it. The first 24 people to raise $5000 will be selected to attend. Thankfully, very few people are near that goal right now.

This is my page:

If anyone is able to give $1, $5, whatever, please do! But that's not really why I'm posting about this here.

What I would really appreciate, are ideas. I'm trying to think of things to do to raise money, in unique and profitable ways.

I've been mulling over the idea of starting a vlog, but I'm not sure what my content would be. I'd like it to be centered around fundraising for this trip, but in an interesting way. What can I give back, in a video, that would encourage people to donate? I could do anime reviews, listen to new bands, I don't know. I have the free time to put into doing something like that, but I'm not sure how successful or well received it would be.

There's also the idea of an auction, kinda just floating around in my head. I could possibly talk to friends and ask them to donate art, or music, or something. Again though, what audience do I have to sell these things to? 60 people follow my tumblr, and that is relatively low amount.

I wish I could draw and make tangible objects that people would donate to my cause for. Having no talents sucks :/

I'm very open to suggestions or whatever!

Feb. 15th, 2013

angel cas

comic con

I want to go to Comic Con, but I am so daunted by the idea.

If I do make up my mind to get tickets, what if I can't get them!? Or if I do, and then I don't have money for a hotel or flight? I feel like this would be the year that I want to go. It is perfect timing for me, and I am into so much fandom at the moment.

For years and years, I've wanted to do this. Since Lord of the Rings came out. That is 10 years lol. Now we have The Hobbit, and it's like I get a chance to experience it all as an adult now. I realllly want to do it.

At the same time, it is scary because this con is so massive and I don't know anything lol. First time con-goer for something this large. I've been to Acen, Leakcon, and C2E2. None of them compare though.

Tickets go on sale tomorrow. I need to talk with Luke about it. I am worried that he won't really want to go. Honestly, he wouldn't really be interested in doing it if he wasn't dating me. He enjoys the stuff I drag him to, but he wouldn't go on his own ever.

But Comic-Con has celebrities, and anime, and games, and costumes, and movie stuff, and tv-show's like everything I could ever want. I am not a comic book person is the one thing lol, but this is so much bigger than just comic books! I love C2E2 every year and that is also a comic book convention, but it has so much more.

If anyone on my F-list has gone to comic-con, please give me any advice. I am so apprehensive right now about trying to get tickets. I just want it all to be worth it.

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